Revision History


  • V3.0.1 - various iOS8 fixes
  • Full UI refresh for both phones and tablets everything has been improved and simplified.
  • New free online community section.
  • Full Body measurement tracking.
  • Ability to create reminders.
  • Improved built-in help.
  • Export improved and now features measurements.


  • Full UI refresh for both phones and tablets.
    • Tablet UI is now landscape by popular request.
    • Improved built-in help. Grey overlays explain features on each screen on your first visit and can be re-displayed when needed.
    • Sorting added to all search results.
    • Value Estimator feature added - estimate values from just the calorie information.
    • Clear diary feature added.
    • Improved Multi Add, you can now edit the number as well as use +/- buttons.
    • Improved Meal Maker, editing portions and ingredients is faster.
    • Updated Progress, provides more details on your weight loss.
    • Export improved and now includes weight export.
    • Improved Passcode, now automatically presses return for you on correct entry
    • Ability to redisplay new built-in help and helpful hints added in more section.
    • General fixes


  • New layout for home tab with a scan button
  • New layout for diary tab with a scan button and larger fonts
  • Healthy choices & notes shown in diary
  • Ability to set passcode to restrict access to your personal data
  • General fixes and improvements


  • Improved Milestone watcher
  • Graph fixes for people who weigh themselves in Stones
  • Improved Add food screen to show more information
  • New confirmation before barcode submission


  • Weight loss milestones & weight loss graph config
  • Calculator expanded to calculate Alcohol items.
  • Enhanced barcode submission process.
  • Usability improvements
  • Fixes & improvements to secure backup system
  • Ability to redisplay helpful hints
  • More symbols can be used in item names & descriptions.


  • Expanded exercise database
  • Usability enhancements
  • Bug fixes


  • Secure online backup system added (additional purchase)


  • Enhanced layout for iPad Users. (Note: iPad2 users please see FAQ re: Scanning).
  • Enhanced Goal setting with Date calculated on target weight loss.
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fix release


  • Enhancements and fixes for the new iPhone5 and iPod 5th Gen
  • Share Graph to Facebook now iOS6 only
  • iOS6 Support
  • Minimum iOS4.3 now


  • Bug fixes & Optimizations


  • Meal Maker allowing you to group items together to form a meal with built-in servings calculations.
  • Ability to copy a meal entry to a saved meal or a different time or day.
  • Ability to copy items in the tracker to different days & meals
  • Swipe to delete added throughout the app (you can still select and delete as before).
  • Improved positioning of options in add food/exercise by popular request.
  • Restaurants update - list now updates automatically as they are added to database.
  • UI Updates & Bug Fixes

V1.5.1 & V1.5.2

  • Bug fix releases


  • Exercise database
  • Improved add exercise screens allowing alterations prior to addition
  • Automatic change of day at the start of each day
  • Increased maximum weight usable in progress
  • Rewrite of multiadd giving flexibility to change number of servings prior to saving.
  • Fixes & Tweaks


  • Export diary to spreadsheet and text file
  • Ability to use alternative scanner for iPod and iPad
  • Fixes & Tweaks


  • Access to Scanner & Database from Add Page
  • Multi add - Now can do Add To Diary, Add To Diary and Favorites or just Favorites
  • Switching between Frequent/Recent/Favourites & Database retains search term and auto runs.
  • Helpful Hint Pop-ups when using areas for the first time.
  • In Settings , ability to clear recents and frequents lists.
  • In More->Manage Food Favorites , you can directly calculate and add items , or add know value items without adding to diary.
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • 2012 Daily Allowance Calculation
  • 2012 No Exercise Usage Settings
  • Multiple select on add pages
  • Start weight shown on weight graph
  • Improved filtering
  • Fixes


V1.0.0 - Initial Release

  • Initial iPhone & iPod release