Log your meals, stay on track with your weight loss and reach your goals the affordable way!


Everyone is different and all your weight loss journeys are equally different so our app gives you the choice to pick the plan that suits you.

The app gives you access to seven different weight loss plans spanning from our original ones in 2010 to the very latest Carry over plan (Premium) with over 210+ free food items so no matter what your preferred plan is, we’ve got you covered.


Following your journey couldn’t be easier than with our app as it lets you track your food values, exercise, weight & body measurements all in one place. This is the ultimate dieting tool.

Since 2010 our app has been helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world loose weight and has become there trusted companion, so why not join the others losing weight, feeling great and saving money!


Check out of amazing features:

√ Food, Alcohol, Exercise & Daily Goal calculators

√ Barcode scanner with access to over 3 million items

√ Built in food & exercise databases

√ Online food & restaurant database with millions of food and restaurant items (Premium)

√ Pedometer support - Record your steps on your fitness band or smart watch and have the app automatically convert them to exercise earned within the app for all plans - syncs with Fitbit, Jawbone & Apple Health. (Premium)

√ Secure Cloud data backup & restore with automatic backups and ability to copy data between Apple devices. (Premium)

√ Dining out guide with over 460 restaurants (Premium)

√ Meal Maker allowing you to group items from any source together as a meal with automatic portion calculation. (Premium)

√ Passcode locking.

√ Full export of diary to spreadsheet and text files. (Premium)

√ Track healthy choices plus record daily notes.

√ Weight loss tracking with advanced graphs, target & milestones.

√ Ability to create and track any body measurements (Premium)

√ Ability to track days, weeks or months in advance for the planners amongst you. (Premium)

√ Clear diary functionality.

√ Easy reuse of foods with Frequently & Recently used lists.

√ Unlimited food & exercise favorites.

√ Integrated Help.

√ Remaining goal badge

√ Full tracking reminder system (Premium)


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Contact us for help: valuediarysupport@fenlandersoftware.com


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